Focused Rehabilitation | Chris Jensen Health + Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation care is the short-term “bridge” to return home after hospitalization, illness, or injury. Whether resulting from a planned or unplanned medical event, rehabilitation is often a necessary fact of life. Chris Jensen Health + Rehabilitation Center provides the skilled nursing, therapies, and the time you need to be able to return home as quickly as possible.

Through partnerships with acute care hospitals and other health care professionals, the center strives to improve care transitions and reduce emergency department visits and re-hospitalizations, promoting better health and overall peace of mind.

Whether your treatment program is traditional or non-traditional, every facet of rehabilitative care at Chris Jensen Health + Rehabilitation Center is designed to support a personalized, comfortable experience to expedite your wellness and prepare you to return home as quickly as possible. Physical therapy may include strength training, pain management, massage, electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, and heat and cold treatments. We offer whirlpool baths, ultrasound and other state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment.

Occupational therapists assist residents in attaining daily living skills to achieve their highest level of independence. The large treatment area includes a car simulator and transitional apartment. Speech therapists work with those who need to regain skills involving cognition, communication and swallowing.

Your rehabilitation care team begins your discharge plan on your first day here. Services include community re-entry education and support for patients and families. You, your family, and caregivers will be provided the necessary tools and service options to ensure your safe return home.

To learn more about Chris Jensen’s quality care and services, call Admissions and Marketing Director Samantha Gerland: (218) 625-6411.